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August 2014 Archives


Insurance premiums are paid by most families to insure their automobiles.  If we ask those paying the premiums what they are buying for their hard-earned dollars, most will respond "full coverage."  Yet, if asked what that means, most of them are unable to say.

Fatal car crash in Orlando claims 1 life, injures another

A fatal car accident involving two vehicles claimed one life and left another person with serious injuries in Orlando, Florida. The injured person had to be taken to a hospital for treatment, and it is unknown what the individual's condition is. The wreck occurred in the afternoon and there are very few details available other than what we have said in this paragraph.

3,921 people died, 104,000 injured in truck accidents in 2012

There's a scary trend going on with trucks and truck accidents, and the trend seems to be going largely unnoticed. From 2009 to 2012, fatal truck accidents increased 18 percent. Even though that's a significant jump in its own right, the statistic is even scary with a little context. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, during that same time period: