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Did you know that the government has legislated how long a truck driver can operate his vehicle before he has to take a break to sleep? Truck drivers here in Florida and throughout the rest of the country are subject to federal trucking regulations that dictate the ratio of rest hours to driving hours that they must achieve in order to legally operate their rigs. Those drivers are obligated to record their driving and resting time in trucking logs to reflect their compliance with the law.

Truck drivers are regulated because the loads that they carry make their vehicles very dangerous. An 18-wheeler is a massive vehicle, and when it is loaded down with goods, it becomes an incredibly heavy automobile. When a tired driver loses control of his rig due to fatigue, dangerous and sometimes deadly accidents can occur.

A tired truck driver who swerves in and out of oncoming traffic can cause a head-on collision with vehicles traveling in the opposite direction. Likewise, a fatigued driver can realize that he has to stop too late before slamming into another car on the road. A tired truck driver can also lose control of his rig and can cause a dangerous jack-knife in the middle of a road or freeway.

Truck driver fatigue is a real problem and that is why the law is designed to prevent it from happening. Some drivers disregard the law, however, and when they do innocent people can be hurt. People who have been injured or have suffered a loss in a truck accident may have legal rights to compensation for their damages. The attorneys of Eisenmenger, Berry, Blaue & Peters can help victims assess their claims as well as possible strategies for litigation. Whether the accident was due to driver fatigue or any other form of negligence, truck accident victims should understand their legal options.

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